About United Road Auto Loads

Our Customers

United Road is committed to customer service. Our Customer Service Commitment is to be used as a way of thinking for our employees and carriers. It is the yardstick by which our customers may measure our performance.

Our Basic Beliefs

Customer service and the commitment to Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction begin with a proper mindset. As each of us considers our individual role in customer service, it is critical that we adopt some basic underlying beliefs about our customers and our commitment to them. These beliefs include:

  • The customer and their business are the basis for our existence as a company.
  • What the customer perceives to be a real benefit or concern is real.
  • A satisfied customer is one to whom we fulfill a service commitment.
  • Our goal in providing services is to meet our customers’ expectations and to exceed those expectations whenever the opportunity exists.

Our Primary Service Commitment

We commit to transporting our customers’ vehicles from the point of origin to the point of destination in a manner that is:

  • Timely
  • Professional and Courteous
  • With Care and Stewardship of Their Vehicle

Our Customer Service Promise

The promise that we make to each and everyone of our customers is:

  • We will treat customers with respect.
  • We will communicate in a manner that is timely, clear, concise, and honest.
  • We will always return their phone calls.
  • Our words and actions will demonstrate fair, equitable, and consistent treatment of all customers.
  • We will promise what we can deliver and deliver what we promise.
  • We will proactively notify customers of service exceptions and adjustments.
  • We will own customer issues through to resolution.
  • We will educate customers about our capabilities and services.
  • We will provide an opportunity for customer input and feedback.

We understand that guaranteeing customer satisfaction cannot be achieved solely with policies, posters, and our phone presentations. It requires an attitude and mindset focused on the customer by the people who support all of our efforts, the sales team, dispatch professionals, accounting group, and follow-up by everyone in the company.

United Road Shipping is Committed to Our Customers

Our Company

United Road is the country’s largest nationwide provider of vehicle logistics, delivering over two million vehicles from assembly plants, ports, rail distribution centers, auctions, marshalling yards, dealerships, eBay, and other personally owned vehicles. We are ISO 9002 Certified and EDI compliant with all domestic and global manufacturers. Our national quality performance exceeds the goals set by most manufacturers.

United Road is the only asset based vehicle logistics company with a national footprint. With optimization on the I-95, I-75, I-25, I-5, I-80, I-70 and I-10 corridors, we’ve created a national network concentrated on the major highways throughout the country.

Our Carrier Partners

United Road maintains a nationwide network of over 3,000 Carrier Partner companies, representing in excess of 15,000 auto transports. United Road’s Carrier Partners can operate on a local, regional, and nationwide level transporting new and pre-owned vehicles. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles to move each month, our Carrier Partner has unlimited possibilities to find that load or single unit that matches their needs. Tired of running the road? There are also opportunities to work at a number of our local/regional contract operations.

United Road recognizes that our Carrier Partners are a vital part of the team. We are genuinely interested in your success. We want to help you fill your truck. With www.URAutoLoads.com, you now have a real time (24 x 7) access to single unit traffic and truckloads. In the upcoming month’s our Carrier Partners will benefit from United Road’s ability to share and leverage our purchasing power, to reduce mutual maintenance, fuel, emergency breakdown service, risk management, carrier operating cost, and other expenses with our URRewards program.

At URAutoLoads.com, You Are In the Driver's Seat