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Welcome to URAutoLoads.com, the first step towards improving your business efficiency! With UnitedRoad and URAutoLoads.com, the end result is profitability. More than just a load board, URAutoLoads.com is an improved concept in acquiring, distributing and advertising your loads.

URAutoLoads.com gives you the ability to:

  • View available inventory in real time
  • Select traffic that matches your needs
  • Save your preferred transport search criteria
  • Print, email or fax Bill of Lading(s) for shipments selected
  • Provide updates of your progress (pick-up or delivered)
  • View and download historical shipments
  • Run various performance reports as well as track payments

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Visit our about page to learn more of what United Road and URAutoLoads.com can do for you, because here, YOU are in the driver's seat!

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Our online enrollment process is simple and easy, and once you are registered, you’ll have access to thousands of vehicle shipments each month. Whether you need a single unit to fill out your truck, a regional load to get you down the road; or, if you want to establish yourself as one of our local carriers (in most metropolitan areas), UnitedRoad has the opportunities.

How It Works

URAutoLoads.com makes it fast and easy to begin automotive transportation with UnitedRoad today. It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Search

Use the carrier interface to search our database for available auto transport orders that meet your specific agenda.

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2. Assign

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After adding your desired shipping orders to your shopping cart, proceed to check them out and be the official transport carrier for that order.

3. Deliver

Update and monitor your active assignments via the user interface, and upon successful delivery of an order, even track your pending payments online!

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Register online today to gain access to thousands of vehicle shipping orders!

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At UnitedRoad, You Are In the Driver's Seat